N-S-82 "Brezinka" - Museum

Pamatnik ceskoslovenskeho opevneni 1935-1938 pechotni srub N-S-82 B°ezinka



"Brezinka" is on the peak over Nachod. One can visit the blockhouse only on foot following the green touristic route from the hotel Bonato in Nachod (spas Beloves) where is parking place. Second way is following the same green touristic route, but from its destination - village Dobrosov, where one can also visit fortress "Dobrosov" Way from the hotel Bonato is shorter (800 m), but it is up to the peak. "Brezinka" is 1.5 km far from Dobrosov, so second way is longer, but it is down the peak. Whole green touristic route snakes in fact aroud many blockhouses between the infantry blockhouse N-S-82 "Brezinka" and it ends by artillery casemate N-S-75 "Zeleny". There is large parking place by the fortress "Dobrosov". Acces to village Dobrosov is by the road from Nachod to Novy Hradek.

GPS (WGS-84): 50░24'55.86"N, 16░11'52.838"E

Opening times

1.4.-31.10.:Saturdays from 1000am to 600pm
July and August:daily from 1000am to 600pm
Entrance fee is 30-50 CZK


Ing. Petr CharvatVladislav Krutak
Beloveska 851Svidnicka 6/513
547 01 Nachod181 00 Praha 4
E-mail: vkrutak@gmail.com
Cell pohone to the fort: +420 603 776 961

Frotress Dobrosov

Because near "Brezinka" there is fortress "Dobrosov", it is possible to connect visit of "Brezinka" with visit of that museum. How you can get to Dobrosov was written there. The visit of the undeground takes about one hour. Temperature in the underground is about 10 oC (50 F)

Opening times:

May - September:daily except Mondaysfrom 1000am to 1100am     from 100pm to 500pm
April and Octomber:daily except Mondaysfrom 1000am to 1100am     from 130pm to 300pm